Serving Long Island Since 1980!!!
Get The Most For Your Valuables..From Empire Pawn!
        The process is simple.  Bring in anything from our long list of accepted items and get cash on the spot for it.  If you choose to take a loan on your items you will have four months to repay the loan plus whatever interest has accrued until the date that you pick it up.  If you can't repay the entire loan then you may make just the interest payment to extend your loan for an additional four months or until you are ready to pick up your items.  There is no limit on the number of times you may renew your loan, and you may have as many loans out at one time as you need. 

        Don't be fooled by gimmicks and upstart companies looking to cash in on today's gold rush.  We were here for you long before they came around, and we'll be here long after they're gone.  Deal with professionals with the experience necessary to get you the most for your collateral. 
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