Serving Long Island Since 1980!!!
Instant Cash Loans on Your Valuables
Including but not limited to:

All Gold Jewelry • Gold Bullion • Coins • Sterling Silver • Platinum
Diamonds • Watches • Apple products • Laptops • TV's • Power Tools
Musical Instruments • Antiques • Motorcycles/ATV's • Cars


PAWN clients in New York are lucky to have access to some of the LOWEST collateral loan interest rates in the United States at only 4% PER MONTH. Compared to other states that charge 10% or even 25% PER MONTH.


To receive a LOAN, or PAWN as we refer to it, simply visit any of our locations with your COLLATERAL and a VALID ID. Please call 631-666-1200 for more information on our pawn services. All merchandise is subject to approval.


A PAWN is a collateral loan. Unlike a bank, where loans are secured by credit, a PAWN is a loan secured by valuable items, such as jewelry. During the loan, the jewelry is kept safe in a vault, and when the term of the loan is up, the client may either pay just the interest to extend the loan, or pay the interest AND principal (original loan amount) to get their item back. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

Loans are good for as long or short a term as you need. For example, If you take a loan & then are able to pay back the loan + interest the following day - That's fine! On the other hand, if you take a loan & haven't quite come up with the entire amount to pay off the loan + interest at the end of the 4 month period then all that's necessary is that you pay just the interest owed. That will buy you more time & begin a new 4 month loan period which you can do as many times as is needed until you can pay back the original loan amount + interest.
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